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District 2 Deserves


We want responsible development and fully funded schools. We want our local businesses to flourish while bringing in more restaurants, retail, and green spaces into our district. We should not have to drive to other parts of the city to enjoy amenities that should exist in our own district. We want development that respects the integrity of our historic neighborhoods. We want our zoned schools to have sufficient resources to teach and enrich our children. Kyonzte will fight for our public schools and responsible development by advocating for a metro budget that fully funds our schools and by supporting a community plan and community benefits agreements that represent the community’s voice in improving our district.



We do not want to be pushed out of our neighborhoods, and we do not want our traditions and culture to be erased. We do not want development that makes our neighborhoods unaffordable for the residents who have lived and contributed to our community for generations. We support young professionals, families, workers, and others having affordable places to live, and we welcome others to come enjoy the beauty of living in District 2.  However, we do not want our district to become a concentrated pocket of poverty with depressed home values. Kyonzte will advocate to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods and our residents from displacement.


We want to be safe in our neighborhoods. Kyonzte will collaborate with community groups that are already doing the grassroots work to address the root causes of crime (juvenile and adult) in our community to expand their reach and effectiveness. Kyonzte will also work to ensure that our law enforcement, fire fighters, and first responders have the resources that they need to effectively do their jobs. Safety expands beyond crime. We want more sidewalks and crosswalks so that we can safely walk our neighborhoods and cross the street. Kyonzte will work to get adequate sidewalks and crosswalks so that our children and neighbors can commute on our streets safely.